Complimentary Beer and Wine Tasting

We will be pouring some wine and beer samples for you this Friday! Come by and try some on the house!

All sampled beer and wine are 10% off!

January, 24th



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Kobal, 2018
Podravje, Slovenia

In Slovenia, the Hungarian grape Furmint is known as Sipon. French vineyard workers, after grafting Furmint onto existing rootstock, would refer to their work as “c’est bon” (it’s good), which the Slovenian’s thought was the grape’s name, hence, Sipon. Kobal’s Furmint is light lemon in color with aromas of citrus zest, white flowers and fresh apricot. The palate features an electric acidity and saline mineral profile highlighted by stone fruit, nuts and herbs. Enjoy with goose liver, cured meats or pork. 

Kobal, 2018
Sauvignon Blanc
Podravje, Slovenia

Kobal Sauvignon belongs to the family of wines with a specially and particularly pronounced fingerprint of nature, which impresses even the most affluent sensory taste buds by a combination of an extremely prnounced primary bouquet and a rich varietal taste of Sauvignon. The smell of the so-called thiol character of Sauvignon is reminiscent of passion fruit, gooseberry and grapefruit. The characteristic odor is followed by a rich flavor with a particularly pronounced long after-taste. Therefore, the wine has an extremely rich character of the variety, with exceptional juiciness and wit of the flavor. 


Cuvelier, 2015
Valle de Uco, Argentia

Such a fun mix of Strawberry and raspberry fruit, cocoa, earthy spices and a bit of red licorice. There is hints of dried sage, cocoa nibs and some pomegranate on the finish. The palate shines with bright acidity followed by a full and rich mid-palate showing flavors of red fruits, and rich, earthy spices. A tinge of vanilla balances out the rustic finish. This a sip and enjoy wine, it’s interesting without being complicated and is a perfect compliment to a variety of foods and situations.




Cuvelier Los Andes Coleccion, 2014
Grape(s): 70% Malbec ; 13% Syrah, 10% Petit Verdot ; 7% Cabernet Sauvignon
Valle de Uco, Argentina

Appearance: red with ruby reflections and a verynice intensity.
Aroma: complex, intense and seductive with notes of red fruit, spice and marmalade.
Mouth: very soft, silky, velvety and intense. A very good wine.
James Suckling : 92 pts
Tim Atkins : 92 pts

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